The Lawyer's club
Lawyer Goemon has managed this club.
This club has aimed at the information exchange for the development of a computer program profitable for the judicial officer business.
The computer program that lawyer Goemon made for trial purposes is transmitted to the member in the attached file.
The member should report the impression and the improvement, etc. of the transmitted program.
Please contact the applicant for membership the following with mail.

Please describe the name and the occupation clearly.
Admissions requirements are limited with lawyer, judicial scrivener, licensed tax accountant, and administrative scrivener's qualifications or person whom concern has in judicial officer business software
The program under making for trial purposes is transmitted in the attached file now to the admission.
The program under making for trial purposes is
Please contact the impression etc. me when you receive the attached file transmission.
If you produce the calculator of the law , you shall come to understand the law accurately.

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