(principal-and-interest calculation
    Principal-and-interest calculation
     (The account which carries out principal-and-interest calculation)
  (Account to calculate Principal-and-interest as 365days)
      Selling guidance
                      (Under trial production saleNow on sale・made in japan)
                                           Work,zunoushudan limited
                               Sale,zunoushudan limited
                                    (Copyright belongs to attorney at law Goemon
                                                            who belongs to the Osaka bar association in Japan
If only 20 US dollars is remitted,
    a program will be transmitted by the attached file.
              sample screens→ http://www.zunou.gr.jp/365days.htm
Read Me → http://www.zunou.gr.jp/readme.htm
   Account to calculate Principal-and-interest as 365days
  It is the account which can be used no matter what method [ calculation ] the consumer-credit-business company may use in case a lawyer processes a consumer loan incident, since this account is the calculation method most advantageous to a lender.
   This account is the necessaries of those who are engaged in a lawyer and a consumer loan incident.
   The lawyer of Japan which is the amateur of a computer makes this account.
   Probably, this account will be the first in Japan as an account which can carry out offset calculation of overpayment money or interest of overpayment money and overpayment money and the new loan money.
   The Japanese version of this account is called kaesekeisankun.,「返せ計算くん」 The account of the Japanese version has five kinds of things. 
   Many of Japan's lawyers are purchasing and using this account. 
   This account is used, and many Japan's lawyers attach interest and are making the overpayment money paid to the consumption kind financier return.
Operation environment  Platform
  More than Windows 95 & More than Excel 95
  In order to use this account, the program more than Windows 95 and a 95 or more Excel program are required.
   Since Excel 95 has functional restriction, we recommend you to use a 97 or more Excel program.
   In the case of Excel 95 It does not calculate in 2079 and afterwards.  
Purpose of use
   Principal-and-interest calculation
  The principal and interest in a consumption sell-and-lease agreement are calculated.
   Overpayment calculation
  Overpayment money in a consumption sell-and-lease agreement is calculated.
  Interest of overpayment calculation
  Interest money of the overpayment money in a consumption sell-and-lease agreement is calculated.
   Debt calculation
  The debt balance in a consumption sell-and-lease agreement is calculated.
   Loan liquidation calculation
  Division money in a consumption sell-and-lease agreement is calculated.
   Other calculation functions
  If calculation structure is mastered, inverse operation calculation of division money and inverse operation calculation of an interest rate will be carried out.
those who reside in Japan
  5000 Japanese yen
those who are not so
  The amount of money equivalent to Coca-Cola 30 duty of the regular size currently sold at the country in which you reside or 30U,S, dollar  
   You have to pay the amount of money indicated above with the bill of your country.
   Please revalue and calculate, if there is an amount of money of the fraction which cannot be paid with a bill.
During Under trial production sale period
   3000 Japanese yen
   The amount of money equivalent to Coca-Cola 20 duty of the regular size or 20U,S,dollar
Selling conditions
1 This account calculates as 365 days.
 There are two or more calculation methods in annual interest calculation. This account is one of accounts of it. With the Japanese version, it is called the account for year 365 days. "年365日計算書"
  As the calculation method in which a lawyer does selection use, there is a method of adopting the calculation method which the consumption kind financier who is a partner has adopted.    But, the calculation method which the consumer-credit-business company who is a partner has chosen is not chosen because it is complicated.
  This account is suitable as a method of choosing in such a case. It is because consumer credit business cannot describe an objection since it is the calculation method advantageous to a consumer-credit-business company.
  Since it is such, this account has high flexibility for a lawyer.
2 This account is adopted by agreement of a person concerned.
  When there is no agreement in between persons concerned, about the fraction period except a year unit, you should calculate by considering as 365 days or 366 days by whether February 29 exists in [ other ] one year. Such a calculation method is called opinion on fraction period February 29. With the Japanese version, it is called "fraction period February
29 theory." "端数期間2月29日説" It is called "fraction period abstract February 29 theory." "端数期間抽象的2月29日説" 
3 Existence of this account is accepted by Tokyo District Court of Japan
4 The amateur of a computer makes this account.
5 Even if it is the calculation method based on the same way of thinking, there is numerical difference etc. for the reason of how to divide a unit of account and others.
6 Therefore, it is not right [ this account ]. The mistake of expression may occur.
From the reason for the above etc., responsibility of the numerical value of the calculation
result of this account cannot be taken.   Please check correction suitably with a calculator etc.
7 Since it is made to notify in Following HP, be careful and look at many information about this account.
I am sorry 
We have an account of the English version.
But,we have only explanation of the Japanese version.
It answers only to the question in Japanese.
8 You can install and use this program for one set of PC which you have owned or managed. You do not have the right of copyright and others all about this program except having indicated above.
9 In the Osaka Summary Court or the Osaka District Court of Japan, you have to perform the lawsuit about this program based on a law of Japan.
You cannot do other than the lawsuit based on the court or law indicated above.
Application qualification
      It restricts to those who can understand the meaning of principal-and-interest calculation
      Those who do not understand the meaning of principal-and-interest calculation must not purchase this account. Since it is meaningless to such a person
The application method
1 You have to remit price to the following address.
      The ninth floor of 3-13-8, Nishi-Temma, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Japan, Shimane building
     Mr,Toru Saito (Person in charge)
You have to transfer a purchase price to the following account, and have to remit to it.
      Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Minamimorimachi branch
      Ordinary savings account
      Account number 1406811
      Nominee Incorporated company Zunoushudan
2 Application address
     In the thread of application mail, you have to indicate it as "the English version application."
3 Required items mentioned
     Name , address, telephone number ,facsimile number
    Mail address, The name of a country which resides 
    Transfer scheduled day
The display by law
Selling contractor
     zunoushudan limited
Management generalization person in charge
       Mr,Toru Saito
       3-8-13, Nishi-Temma, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Japan, Osakashihou building504
The connection method
Delivered time
        This program is sent to the appointed mail address by the attached file within [ after checking remittance ] several days
Cancellation of an application
        Cancellation of an application can be performed before receiving this software by the attached file. However, cancellation of the application after receiving an attached file cannot be performed.